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Nawrooz Festival is held annually in Afghanistan, India, Tajikistan, Iran and other Asian countries. This Festival is 5000 years old. In addition, UN has recognized this festival and every country which is part of this civilization and culture is going to celebrate every year accordingly.

Nawrooz Festival was held in Afghanistan in 2014 and there were 11 presidents from neighboring countries took part in this ceremony. In addition, there were some other representatives and friends from international community, embassies and other countries who took part in this gathering.

In order to support this unique culture, Afghan government committed and decided to build new building and park for celebrating this festival based on the need assessment.

There were different designers and architectures who took part competitively to design a unique plan and sketch for Paghman Palace, but my sketch and design was accepted by president Karzai and his cabinet members. This national project was began on June first 2013 and finished successfully in March 2014. In addition, project was completed within seven months which is very unique and exceptional in Afghanistan. Another important point of this project is that the designer and implementer of this projects are Afghans.

I am Sayed Zia Hussaini. I have Ph.D in architectural management and I returned to my Afghanistan in 2012. I have designed and implemented dozens national and private projects in Afghanistan since that time. In addition, I am working with MUDA as a senior advisor and working for the government.

Since 2012, I have worked and completed different national projects such as Paghman Palace with 9000 meters infrastructure, and 72800 meters area.

In addition, the second national project is Afghanistan National Library with 40000 meters infrastructure.

Moreover, Bamiyan city Master Plan with cooperation of UNESCO, designing Bamiyan historic city gate for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) conference, designing and managing ‘Kabul Jan Park’ in 2014 with 10000 acres, designing Balk Master Plan, initiating and implementing Afghanistan Engineering and Planning management system in the country are some other my activities that I have done during three years in the past.

In addition, I am a University professor and lecturer and I have published several books about architecture, and management as well many related articles and journals. For instance, “Reviewing on history of the architectural and urban development affairs in Afghanistan” which gives a clear picture on history of architectural and urban development in the country, “Industrialization in Afghanistan” also discusses about new ways and approaches of constructing and building based on the climate and weather situation in Afghanistan, “Principles of Management and Project development” are some books that I have written and published in the past. In order to make clearer, I am going to give you a brief description about those projects that I have designed so far.

Paghman Palace Project for Nawrooz Festival

Kabul city has population of more than six million people without any park and places for sightseeing there. However, Paghman district which is part Kabul province is situated by Qargha dam. It has clear and fresh weather and nice climate picnic and sightseeing. There was an ancient and old building which was belonged to the government with 728000 meters area. The government decided to donate this place for Paghman Palace for Nawrooz Festival.

When this land was donated for Nawrooz Festival, I lived there for one week in order to design this map and sketch properly.

I designed this land for people. I developed this map and designed this as an international park for different purposes for public including residential hall temporarily, sport areas, restrooms, parking lots, restaurants and camp sides. In addition, I considered places for disabled and blind people.

In general, from whole space allocated for this national project, there is only 10 percentages which are covered by building and rest of them used as green area. There is a hill at the top of this land and I designed this map to make the palace there.

I attempted my best to use from local capacities and use from materials which are exist there. We have tried to use from local materials and stones there. All workers did during seven months.

Paghman Palace with 9000 infrastructure meters is situated at the top hill of this land. This palace has three floors including basement, first floor and second floor.

In designing the palace I tried to keep it simple but beautiful. I have travelled to more than 22 countries including Germany, Italy, Sweden and Denmark (Unfortunately, I have not travelled to Spain and France yet) and based on my experience I tried to develop a plan in which Paghman Palace has a simple and chick view with modern and up-to-date facilities.

The palace has a square like shape with four towers and the idea came to my mind considering the Jam Minarets which is one of the oldest towers of the world and its square like plan is simple but rigorous.

I have used stones for its view and these stones are available in Afghanistan in plenty. I have used a simple view and considered Gazak of Paghman and Chesht of Herart stones for decorating it.

I have considered various venues in the palace including a saloon which has room for 600 people, 8 VIP rooms for the presidents and 10 rooms for other guests and the VIP dining room, a regular dining room for 600 people, translators rooms, kitchen, Conference room for 50 people and meeting room with 4, 6,8 and 10 people capacity.

The inner part of the palace is built by Afghan woods.  More than 80 percent of the materials are Afghan products and I only have used the other countries products if they have not been available here. It is an important issue because the 18 million dollars spent on this project has changed the life of more than 3000 Afghan families.

More than 3000 workers used to work in 3 shifts in this project for 7 months and more than 10 engineers provided supports in all 24 hours.

After construction of this beautiful palace more than 100000 people have visited it and about 2000 to 3000 people visit the palace and its park daily.

The management system of the park is that it has been surrounded by fences and prevents entrance and exiting the people. Most of the visitors are the families and especially women because of its security here. Websites and media have published various articles about this palace and its park but most of the information is in Dari. Mrs. Sakine Salehi and Dr. Sediqah  Hossaini,, have contributed a lot in this respect with me and I would like to thank them for their overall supports.

The photos I have sent you include the construction of the Palace in summer and winter and the site of Paghman which would be sent to you in two attachments and also you may download them from the following link as well.

If this design and building is included in the contest, I would like to request you to consider the following points:

First, Afghanistan was involved in civil war more than three decades and it’s not secure very well.

Second, this design and building was built during seven months even in the winter when the weather was very cold -15 C. In addition, more than 3000 people were working in 24 hours. This is very unique in Afghanistan.

Finally, we kept ancient and historical place like this building which is 100 years old. I have more designs and I have designed all of them based on our culture, needs assessment. I have written different books and articles which illustrate and explain Afghanistan architectural and engineering situation in the past. I have lots of plans and big wishes for bright future for my country and people. Please find some of my sample books and articles for further information.











Designer : Sayed Zia Hussaini


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